What’s The First Step?

At Precision Chiropractic, we are focused on providing you with a unique experience. In our office, you are not “just another number” or “just another case”, and we believe that you deserve something different.

This is why we provide you with a complimentary consultation , which is a conversation with the doctor designed to answer any questions you may have about your health concerns and our practice. Following the complimentary consultation, you will have the opportunity to schedule a comprehensive Tonal Chiropractic Examination either immediately afterwards, or at a later date of your choice. Unlike some other Chiropractic offices where the exam is just a formality, done in under 10 minutes, and often by someone other than the doctor, this thorough exam will be performed by one of our doctors to identify the presence and/or nature of your Tonal Shift(s) and your current state of health.

The following includes a list of examination procedures based on the age of the patient:


  • Digital Structural Radiographs
  • Digital Neurological Assessment utilizing infrared thermography
  • Tonal Chiropractic Analysis
  • Additional Neurological or Orthopedic Testing, if necessary


  • Tonal Chiropractic Analysis
  • Digital Neurological Assessment utilizing infrared thermography (no radiation)
  • Primitive Reflex Evaluation
  • Evaluation of the visual system, vestibular system, proprioceptive system, tactile system, auditory system, hemispheric dominance
  • Scoliosis evaluation
  • Digital Structural Radiographs (only if clinically indicated)


  • Cranial Evaluation
    • plagiocephaly and other asymmetries
    • palate and oral-motor function
  • Primitive Reflex Evaluation
  • Tonal Chiropractic Analysis

After the examination, our doctors will create an individualized, comprehensive plan based on your/your child’s objective clinical findings.  These findings will be reviewed, in detail, at a patient recommendation conference (PRC), providing you with an opportunity to ask questions and understand more about your/your child’s underlying condition. In addition to helping you feel better, it is our goal to help your body function at its optimum potential, allowing you to become the best version of yourself.