Patient Testimonials

David P. – Diabetes & Back Pain Relief

CHIROPRACTIC: Not Just for Neck Pain and Back Pain

“I began care at Precision Chiropractic for back pain, scoliosis, stomach issues and sinus issues.  I am a singer so these symptoms affected my entire life and career.  The results I have experienced at Precision Chiropractic have been AMAZING!!  I no longer need my allergy shots, I don’t have any back pain, I can eat spicy foods again and I haven’t been sick in 9 months (and still going strong)!  I love how precise the doctors are.  They educated me on what my problems were, they are very detailed and actually show me the progress that I am making.  Chiropractic care at Precision Chiropractic is truly life changing and I highly recommend it!” –  Jaymi G. 6/30/14