Roswell Chiropractic Office

Precision chiropractic is a tonal chiropractic office based in Roswell, Georgia.  Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive program that strengthens the nervous system by focusing on proper spinal alignment through the correction of tonal shifts, in addition to improving weaknesses in the brain.

Precision Chiropractic serves people of all ages with a variety of health conditions.  Our doctors have specialized training in prenatal and pediatric care and proudly serve the special needs community including but not limited to those with Autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, OCD, PANS/PANDAS, seizure disorders, and genetic disorders.

A hallmark of our pediatric program is evaluating for the presence of retained primitive reflexes and discrepancies with the special senses- specifically the proprioceptive, visual and vestibular systems. In addition to gentle, precise tonal chiropractic adjustments, an individualized exercise program is designed to assist in the integration of retained primitive reflexes and improvement of the special senses.

We proudly serve patients from all over the Metro Atlanta area, including but not limited to Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, John’s Creek, Woodstock, Marietta and Canton.

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