Newborns & Infants

When people hear the word Chiropractic they often think of neck pain and back pain, however Precision Chiropractic focuses on caring for children with conditions other than pain. Oftentimes, the very first tonal shift takes place during the birthing process. Regardless of how natural a birth may be, there is a significant amount of force placed on the newborn’s head and neck during the delivery process. As a result a tonal shift can occur, and if left uncorrected may develop into secondary conditions including but not limited to colic, difficulty breastfeeding, constipation, ear infections, reflux, and a weakened immune system. For this reason, we encourage new parents to have their newborn’s spine checked for the presence of tonal shift/s. Once we locate a tonal shift, the amount of pressure we use to correct the misalignment is equivalent to the amount of pressure one would use to test the ripeness of a tomato or a peach.  In our office, we will never “pop, twist or crack” your child’s spine, we simply utilize a gentle adjustment to achieve correction.